How Environmentally Friendly Is Your Daily Routine?

Bathroom Blunders

How environmentally friendly is your daily routine? It all depends on how you start the day. And most people start their day in the the bathroom; the number one place where water is wasted.

We've put together a quick visual guide to spot potential water wasters and beauty blunders, take a look and discover things you may have never known about your bathroom.

What can you do?

-Cut that 10 minute shower by 5 minutes and save 25 gallons.
-Many toilet paper brands exist that are made from post-consumer recycled paper, look for them next time you go shopping.
-Turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth twice a day and save 8 gallons.
-Baths use a lot of water, avoid taking them often.
-You don't use a computer older than 1992, so why use a water wasting inefficient toilet. If your toilet was installed before 1992 it's time to upgrade.

Bathroom Blues

But wasted water isn't the only alarming thing lurking in the bathroom. How about the beauty products you use every day?

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